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To Momo n Omashu. Our first Rescue mission.

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On 23rd November, 2008 my sister called me up and asked me if i was interested in rescuing a kitten. Out of all the places, that kitten was kept in a cage at an open market sort of a place (Something like farmers market).

Worse thing about this situation is that that kitten was not alone there, that cage contained a two yr old cat, a baby rabbit and a 5 week old kitten (just the same age as in this one). That cage was rusted, had water spilled over ….. there were two more cages there, and each contained 2 – 3 yr old Persian cats.

Now, when my sister picked Momo (that’s wat we are calling him) the other kitten was shivering and looking at me …. for a whole day all i had in my mind was his starry eyes. Reason i didn’t pick him up at that time was because the owner of the kittens was selling them at a very expensive price, all we could afford at that time was just one.

By the grace of God very next day i got my first pay check (A week before it is suppose to be given), so i asked my sister to call up that lady and let her know that we are coming over to get Omashu (Omo in short).

Omo was not in a very good condition, just like Momo he was also very weak and had ticks all over his body. Omo was also running fever and was not walking properly, he was still shivering. So, we first took him to the vet, then took him home n got him cleaned up.

Now, remember that Omo and Momo are brothers, so as soon as Momo saw Omo … he started jumping on him and licking him and started playing hide and seek and in just few minutes, Omo was very comfortable being around Momo.

Mr brother in law, my sis and i gave them a warm bath, combed them and applied baby powder.

Omo still gets scared everytime we are anywhere near him. But im hoping that in a day or two we will be able to win his trust.

By midnite, all three of us decided that we should start up a non-profit organization to rescue cats from such places and bring them home, keep them for a week, make them strong and then pass them on to someone who can take care of them, just the way we do.

Pakistan is one of those Countries that doesn’t have any laws or rights for the animals. We don’t even have any proper stores here for them. So!! this move might just become a platform for those who love animals.


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