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Help is Out there!!!

Names of Animal Rights & Welfare Organizations/Clubs/Societies in Pakistan. (Arranged in alphabetical order).

  1. Animal Care Shelter:

    • Founder: Waseem Riaz.
    • Mission: Giving home to homeless animals.
    • City: Lahore
    • Page Link: http://alturl.com/zd2ya
  2.  Animal Care Assocation Pakistan – (ACAP):

    • Founder: Kumael Hasnain
    • Mission: well to be honest its an endless effort .The primary mission is simple. “to give animals beings what they deserve ”..for years now they all have contributed a lot for our benefit. They provide us with Food , clothing , medicine , protection , work with us in some Way as the vital force ,they became the eyes for the blinds ,ears for the deaf and wheels for the disabled one, nevertheless THE LOVE THEY HAVE GIVIEN to us which I believe is more then what a human can give.
      The question that arises here is “WHAT HAVE WE GIVEN TO THEM?”
      Pain, torture, kill for fun, we cage them, just to have a sight and gave them nothing other then food; don`t they deserve freedom?
      For all the years, since the world started they gave each and everything they have. Even after a day full of torture they still give love in return and ask for nothing other then love.
      When I was a small child my father that time was in army and had to do a lot of traveling and I always used to go with him because I liked to explore new thing.
      one day I visited “larkana” there I saw one man beating his sick horse because he failed to pull the load on the cart after a long struggle he collapsed on the road and the owner unattached the horse and left him on the main road, This happened inside the in a city .I felt so helpless and I could feel the pain the horse was going through.
      Since I was a small child I had an affection with animals and I cant see them in pain.
      I was really touched on seeing the cruelty against animals and I thought of doing something , may even be very small to save the animals from the cruelty being face so it became my Ambition to save the animals .
      It may well be realized that I m a very small creature to do this alone and may not be possible without the kind support of all my friends collogues and we wishers. I’m not asking to make a force, I just expect everyone to look around and do what ever could be done in the close proximity and help the unattended poor animals.
      Many people didn’t support me at all saying that I should help humans first! Who is killing the humans? the answer is humans And who`s killing the animals the answer is still human. YES but I’m sorry to say but it is the truth, go out there and see it for your self. This campaign has few objectives on which we work here.:
      1.Rescue any type of animal who are injured, sick, orphan, homeless, newborn
      2.provide quality shelter. There we groom them , vaccinate them , and make them compatible for adoption.
      3. Feed all the hungry animals out there as much as possible.
      4. Provide medical assistance. We will soon launch a 24/7 toll free medical emergency phone line service which can be accessible in all Pakistan. It will be used for medical advisory.
      5. Awareness program for the public.
      Here in Pakistan things are very different .people DO care but its not enough.
      Animal cruelty compared to other Asian countries is less, but not in ratio they still need our help. It’s not possible without your help .
    • City: Head office in Islamabad /Rawalpindi . from January on wards it will have braches in Lahore ,Peshawar, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Attock and few more cities.
    • Page link: Use the RIACA one at the moment please. http://alturl.com/4x7yv
  3. Animal Protection & Education Club (APEC) – Pakistan:

    • Founder: Khumar Raza & Salman Rizvi
    • Mission: Our mission is to Promote the humane treatment of all animals, Provide Public Education regarding animal care and welfare, Protect the animals placed in our care, and to seek responsible homes for the animals that can be adopted!
    • City: Karachi
    • Page Link: http://alturl.com/fezuz
  4. Animal Welfare Front (Isb/Rwp):

    • Founder: Fakhar Iftikhar.
    • Mission: To provide shelter and refuge to animals desperately in need.
    • City: Rawalpindi, Islamabad
    • Page Link: http://alturl.com/gv47j
  5. Bahria Animal Rescue Foundation (Islamabad/Rawalpindi)

    • Founder: Salman Ahmad & Areej Khan
    • Mission: Soul mission is to give a new life to any animal who is suffering,injured,brutalized,or not kept properlyby giving it a new home and medical attention if needed.
      Basically we look for animals who are suffering or injured which we rescue and provide medical attention and give them on adoption.
      The new thing we are trying to do is the burial of dead animals.any animal found dead would be buried properly and wont be left on the road side causing health issues for both humans and other animals.
    • City: Islamabad
    • Page Link: http://alturl.com/xma4k
  6. Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (PAWS):

    • Founder: Maheen Zia & Mahera Omar
    • Mission: PAWS aims to create a more just and equitable relationship between humans and animals in Pakistan. We recognize that humans have a responsibility towards their environment and fellow species and aim to preserve and protect animal populations; their integrity, diversity, welfare and wellbeing. We also believe that the natural environment is a shared heritage for humankind and seek to create, promote and preserve ecologically sustainable relationships globally.
    • City: Karachi
    • Page Link: http://alturl.com/qjg5m
  7. People For Animal Rights (PFAR):

    • Founder: Sadaf Mujeeb & Bina Ahmad
    • Mission:
      • PFAR aims to rescue injured, abused and abandoned animals from the streets of Karachi, treat them, and encourage people to give them a place in their homes.
      • Once we are well recognized, and have enough donors, we will extend this service to ALL strays in the city, injured or otherwise.
      • We also aim to encourage, guide and HELP the city government to enforce the TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) Program, instead of poisoning these innocent creatures mercilessly to control the ever-growing stray population, which is not only morally WRONG, but also ineffective, and harmful for the people, environment and of course terribly painful for the animals.
      • We want to build shelters around the city where we can house rescued animals, and domestic animals that people want to give up for adoption. Everyone will be welcome to come by and spend some time with them before they decide to adopt, to make the transition easier for both the animals and the adoptive family.
      • We would like to educate people on the disadvantages of breeding domestic animals, selling and purchasing. We will also be stressing on the respect that we as a species owe to these beautiful beings.
      • We believe in Low-meat and NO-meat lifestyles and encourage and support anyone who wants to know more about living the Kind life or better yet, try and pursue it.
    • City: Karachi
    • Page Link: http://alturl.com/v3wa3
  8. Pet Lovers Society (Adopt a Pet Karachi):

    • Founder: rtd. Major Talat Abbasi.
    • Mission: We creating a community who love pet and care them and understand how pet changing in our life as be a worthless partner. A D O P T (Animal Depend On People Too) is our mission so we try to realize. we have a large society of Pet lover we provide network via pets to connect them.
    • City: Karachi
    • Page Link: http://alturl.com/ch8f6
  9. Rawalpindi Islamabad Animal Care Association (RIACA):

    • Founder: Kumael Hasnain
    • Mission: Our Mission Includes:
      • To protect and serve animal rights and stop animal abuse specifically in rawalpindi and Islamabad
      • To create awareness about how to respect animals and how to take care of them
      • To help Stray animals, who desperately deserve our love and help.
      • To make people aware about animal rights, that are basically made in Pakistan as well but are not followed upon.
    • City: Rawalpindi, Islamabad
    • Page Link: http://alturl.com/4x7yv
  10. Supere’ Memorial Animal Welfare Forum Pakistan:

    • Founder: Mehvish Syed
    • Mission: To facilitate adoption of homeless animals, to create general awareness about animals’ rights and to fight against cruelty to animals.
    • City: NA
    • Page Link: http://alturl.com/3fq2t


Please join these pages and help them & support their cause!!!



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Why Adopt a Stray??

Well, b’coz it is morally good for human beings to be kind to Animals!! 

We all have choices, and  I don’t want to push my views on anyone … but there are ppl out there who think that you cannot teach old dogs new tricks … and adopting a dog is a waste of time and energy. Well, so far i have read, that’s never an issue .. if u take a bit of time out and invest that on a homeless pet, you can easily make him learn tricks. In fact, he will learn new stuff way faster than a new pup.

Cats are the same, my stray cat is far more loving and active than my own cat (Not saying i don’t love my Persian) but that is the truth.

I think on the whole its a wonderful experience, in fact  i think that helping out helpless animals make us more human!!!

And even if you cannot adopt a pet, i think you can still  make a difference: For e.g

  • You can feed a hungry dog or a cat standing outside your house.
  • You can place fresh water bowls outside.
  • You can call animal rescue service if you see an injured homeless pet.
  • You can donate food to our local animal shelter.
  • You can donate some medicines to a Vet who looks after injured homeless animals.
  • You can always stop someone abusing an animal in front of you.
Now few facts on how animals are treated in our part of the world:
  • They are kicked and thrown stones at.
  • They get hit by a car and left alone to die on the street.
  • They are poisoned.
  • They are shot.
  • They die of hunger.
How to adopt a Pet?
If you find a pet and you have decided on adopting him here are few things you need to do:
  • Take him directly to a vet and get him checked.
  • Get him vaccinated.
  • Get him/her spayed. (Few vets do that for no cost – just for strays)
  • For at least few weeks give him time to understand you & your family. And to make him gain your trust.
    • You see most animals are abused outside and that’s why they think that when you raise your hands, you are about to hit them & not pet them. So give him some time.
  • And most important thing, keep on reading about them. The more you understand your pets behavior the more rewarding it is in the end.


Ask from a Stray … how tough this world is for them: And then think if u should adopt them or not … 



You don’t pick your stray …. your Stray picks you!!!! (Two Most Inspiring Stories): 

What’s four when you have three?!

Here are the stories on my precious angels who make my life complete: Zoe was a local’s dog who nearly starved to death in his “care”. Her normal weight was 72 lbs.& she was 35lbs. when we got her. She was skin & bones but, as you can see, filled out nicely.

Shadow was a teeny pup, which I thought was a kitten, when I saw him running in the rain. I jumped out of the car & clapped for him to come & was surprised to see a little puppy. I tried for days to find his owner, but he became the joy and love of my life.

Jacques “Sasquatch” (because he had huge feet) was left in an abandoned house by owners who moved. We think he had been teased mercilessly by whomever, because it took a year for him to accept that when you put your hand on him and didn’t move it, it wasn’t reason to go for you. He became such a calm, loving, clown of a dog.

Finally, Precious was from the North Shore Animal League in NY. I wanted a docile female, so when she flopped over when I went to touch her, I knew she was the one. We took her home, fell in love, and then my brother-in-law visited and she went after his legs like crazy. Oops! She was ours now, so others had to learn to stay out of her way. We finally learned how to gently help her accept everyone and she turned out to be loved all around. It was as simple as making sure you absolutely ignored her until she came to you.

Please adopt or save a stray! They are the most blessed gifts you can imagine!

Winston, GA
(Story taken from http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com)

“Mojo” the Rescue Cat with the Biggest Heart”:

I grew up in a family that always had pets. We frequently rescued cats and dogs and lost creatures in need of a home. I was living on my own and it just didn’t feel right, so I went to my local shelter in search of a feline companion. I was given some treats to give to the cats and there she was, pawing at the cage door. I offered her the treat, but she just kept pawing at the door. They let me take her out and she was so comfortable being held in my arms. I knew she was the one. She was 2 1/2 and had been in the shelter for three months, but was still so happy, I almost cried. I moved back in with my family and she quickly became a permanent fixture. She loves to be loved and can play all day. She plays tag and plays with anything she can. In my family, when a cat gets very hyper and playful, we call it “gettin’ the mojo”, so the name seemed perfect for her since she was always running around playing with something. She loves meeting new people and can melt anyone’s heart. She’ll walk in front of the door so I won’t leave and she can put on the cutest faces to get me to stay. My whole family adores her and life just wouldn’t be the same if she wasn’t there. She always wants to know what you’re up to and doesn’t mind be carried around on your shoulder so she can be involved in everything. If you start patting her toosh, she’ll give you an hour to stop. She’s sweet and cute and so loving. I got way more than just a pet when I took her home that day.

Melinda Schulz
(Story taken from http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com)


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