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End of Season 1!

Done with “My Pet n I” Season 1!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! Had soooo much fun, pets were awesome and i wasn’t scared … at all!! well, maybe  just a little … but i think i did okay. Really!!

So??? wats next??? Season 2 OBVIOUSLY!!! But the big picture is that, just because of this show we have met soo many ppl who are totally into workin for animal welfare. So …… wats next??? Well, forming up an organization where we can put all these ppl together and do something for our furry friends.

Few Ideas i want to see implemented:

  1. Shelters for homeless pets.
    • Emergency Shelter for injured animals.
    • Homeless Pets Shelter
  2. Bring back Animal Police.
  3. See Pakistan Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ACT 1890, amended and implemented.
All this is possible, it will take some time, maybe years …. but … its possible.
Speaking of plans …. we are still deciding on what we want to do different for our 2nd season & we are open to ideas from anyone …
Season 1 was a success, got good reviews and ratings. Our Facebook Page members went from 0-2000 in just couple of months, we received more than 900 pet pics from all around Pakistan. Tons of discussions and suggestions/advices took place on our page. All good stuff.
Clips from my 1st Season Finale:

Interesting Messages: 

Good Times:



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