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Stray, Scared & Yet neve bites!!

This is a post i found on Best Friends Animal Society FaceBook page.  (2hrs ago).

Ill try and get updates on Taffy and see if she gets adopted or not? Or whether she stays with Rachel Fair.

(No wonder this world still exists …. its ppl like Rachel and many other who go out of their way to help those in need … without askin for any reward or fame)


This is Taffy. She is a 3 year old puppy mill rescue Shih Tzu. She is terrified of people and appears to be blind Even as scared as she is, she has never even attempted to bite…not even when I groomed her. She is located in Little Rock, Arkansas. If anyone knows of a rescue who might help with her, please contact me: I work with rescue in Central Arkansas and was just supposed to transport her to rescue; however, the rescue can no longer take her.


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