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Yatta!!! – We Did it!!

So remember that post, where i mentioned a letter that i wrote to the Governor of Utah!!

Remember Why i wrote that??? (For those who have no idea wat im talkin abt: ….

Anyways, good news is: That bill didn’t pass!!!! More like : GOT SHOT DOWN!!! 🙂

Here’s a link to how many ppl were excited abt this news:

How did all this happen??

……. dozens of Best Friends staff and volunteers, including Best Friends CEO Gregory Castle (read Gregory’s blog on HB 210) were up at the Utah State Capitol speaking out on behalf of Utah’s animals.   After an unusual and extended two-hour debate in the Utah House Judiciary Committee, a motion by Representative LaVar Christensen sealed the fate of HB 210 and struck language from the bill that would open the door for people to kill animals without a cruelty charge.

This effort combined with an unprecedented deluge of emails and phone calls from you, led to victory for the animals…...” (read the Full story:

In Short, no matter who you are, no matter what state of life you are living in …. today’s world gives you all the opportunities to speak out for the weak ones …. now, it doesn’t matter whether that cruelty  is taking place in your city, in your country or anywhere around the world … YOU CAN STILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

If you can volunteer physically, there is no measure to that …. but even if u can’t … participate in online surveys, petitions, click everyday to feed homeless pets …. there is no end to helping out!! All u need to do is …give it a little precious time of yours!!! Dat’s  all!!

Here's your chance to Make a Difference!!



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No-Kill Policy – Stray Animals

So for the longest time i have been thinkin of forming a No-Kill Policy Petition to stop animal cruelty in Pakistan and i am starting with the area i live in.
We have 25 signatures and hoping to get many more in couple of weeks.


Sign this petition and  support the cause:

“We the undersigned protest the treatment of animals in the Defence Area of Karachi. Horrifying stories of them being poisoned or Shot have spread over the Internet that reveals the illegal and inhumane treatment of stray animals in this particular area. The deplorable actions have been confirmed by individuals who reside in this area too.


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To the Governor of Utah!

After reading this post on “Best Friends Animal Society” FaceBook page, i decided to write an email to the Governor of Utah. Below is what i wrote him:


Gary R. Herbert
Utah Governor.

Hello Governor,

I am not a citizen of United States of America, but i have lived in this Country for more than 7 years and I know one thing for a fact that you not only have great regards for Humans but also for other living creatures. Your Country is suppose to set examples for all the other countries of the world.

Having said that, one of the priorities set by you is as follows:


“This is the opportunity for people to develop the skills to succeed in the future. In order for our state to remain competitive we must focus on improving our public education system. A good education is a powerful tool to empower the individual to succeed. An emphasis on attracting and retaining the best teachers into our schools will enable our education system to excel.”

Please know that the basic education of any good citizen is to love and respect all the other living things around them. That’s the first step and i was appalled by reading the below proposed bill:

“Proposed by Representative Curtis Oda, HB 210 would allow the citizens of Utah to “humanely shoot” or kill any animal that they “reasonably believe” to be “feral” without any possibility of being charged with cruelty to animals.”

Please take serious action against this bill, anyone even remotely part of this bill is not up to standard of having around at such decision making job.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Khumar Raza


This post was taken from the site:

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