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Reason Why i was away:

Aite, so im hosting a show for Style360 Channel. This show is all about pets and their owners.

So far i have met ppl with;

Black Swans, Mallards, Shelducks, Geese, Flamingos, White Peacocks, Silver Golden Ring Neck Pheasants, Chinkara Gazelles, Turkeys, Partridges, Porcupines, Hedgehogs, Hamsters, Turkeys, Peacocks, African Grey Parrots, Pigeons, Rabbits, Pancake tortoise, Indian star tortoise, foxes, lots n lots of dogs (Mostly strays or injured), lots n lots of cats (Strays, fostering, special needs

…………….. well to be very honest … the list actually goes on n on n on … the ones mentioned above are actually pets of two animal lovers. Seriously!!! And we have met more than 20 ppl so far. =)

Love what im doin, coz i get to educate ppl abt animals and how to take care of them. In every episode i try to promote stray animals adoption and how one can help them if they cannot adopt them.

Plus, im running our show page too … we have around 1000 fans now. Here, our fans share their pet pics, their stories and help each other out with their pet issues.

Overall there is just soooooo much more that needs to get done!!! And probably this is our first step. =).





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I’m a Proud Vegetarian!!!


Since this new year eve, i haven’t had a single piece of meat and not even eggs!! 🙂 …..

Although, for some weird reason my mom has started cooking meat on daily basis. I mean, last year we use to have meat ones in a week and now …. its like everyday :S …..

Pakistan is a meat loving country ….. i think we don’t even have a restaurant that only serves food for vegetarians …….n even if we do … im sure their main course is something something served with a slice of steak!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!

AnyhooooooooOOoooooo ….. my mom is supporting me on this and so are my siblings …..

Its a great feeling …. i love vegetables, i love fruits, im a big fan of lentils and so i guess that’s y its not that difficult for me.

Wish me luck!! Coz i know i’ll be needing that alot!!


PS: I wonder if i can get that T-Shirt made from somewhere.


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