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First Aid for a Working Donkey!

Today i received a call from a fellow Animal Lover informing me that there is an injured Working Donkey near my place. And she asked me to find a Vet and provide the Donkey with First Aid.

Now lets take you a step back and inform you all that Pakistan does not have a shelter place for stray and injured animals.

So that is the reason that all we could do here was to provide the animal the best we could.

Anyways, within a minute or two i took a rickshaw, picked up the vet from his clinic and went out to look for the injured donkey.

:/ …  The minute i saw the donkey, i wanted to kick the owner with all my strength, but unfortunately the owner was not around. Poor animal had a huge open wound just above its tail.  So the first thing the Vet did was clean it up and provide first aid meds. He injected the donkey with Amoxil (Antibiotic).  While we were busy getting all this done, the owner appeared!!

I tried my best to embarrass him in front of the crowd that built up to help us out.  Even they kept on reminding him that its because of this animal that he feeds himself and his family. Anyways, our Vet provided the guy with some meds and asked him to apply that for at least three days on the wound.

Good thing here is this that our vet knows where this guy lives and he also works near our place. 🙂 …

Cheers to Rabia Waqar, Haya Salim and our Vet Dr. Mohan for making all this happen!!


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