Supere’ Memorial Animal Welfare Forum!!

  Do you think opportunity wonders around your house, looking for u to pick it up and look after it??? And then waits for u to take it to a next level?

In this story ….. our little opportunity was a Stray Cat named Supere’ and this is his story.

“Being a stray is not easy these days, im soooo hungry right now that i can actually eat a horse … even a rat would do or a cup of milk ….. wow!! how lovely would that be!! But who am i kidding, who would feed me milk??”. Hungry and tired, Supere’ continued his journey looking for food and a safe place to rest.

“What??? Why are they chasing me???? what did i do?? im just hungry, wish they could have at least let me eat from the trash area …..” after gettin chased by bunch of kids.

“Hide, hide, hide ……. “, Hides under a car!!, “Dammit, i think this place belongs to some other cat ….. ewww stinks …. “, he runs towards a house and starts praying that at least they let him rest there for few hours.

No one was around, so he quietly placed himself under a shade and went to sleep.

To his luck he woke up with a bowl of milk in front of him.  “slurp slurp slurp ….. slurp .. who?? why?? when did this happen?? slurp slurp slurp … ” He stops and for the first time saw the person he will stay with for the rest of his life. Mehvish!!!

She opened her heart and doors for him. Brought him in, cleaned him up, gave him food and a warm comfortable place to sleep.  NO MORE RUNNING, NO MORE HIDING (Unless its for hide n seek game), NO MORE STAYING HUNGRY, NO MORE CAT FIGHTS!!!!!

“On May 25, 2011, yes not very long ago, i left my beloved Master and went to another world. I often see her sad and i know she misses me alot and I miss her too ….. but im such a lucky cat, she cared for me when no one else did and now that i am not around, she actually created a Forum which is purely dedicated for the welfare of homeless, stray animals. And guess what …… 🙂 She named it after me: “Supere’ Memorial Animal Welfare Forum Pakistan”

Me & My Angel Mama – “Mehvish”

 Mehvish didn’t stop giving, even after Supere’ left. In fact Supere’ was not just a cat – he was more like an inspiration. Enough Inspiration to make a difference.

Today, Supere’ Memorial Animal Welfare Forum Pakistan contains more than 230 followers. And almost all of them are active and dedicated towards the mission of helping out strays. Many of them try finding suitable place for these homeless pets, others reject the idea of caging and selling cats.

Few words from the Fans about the page:

  • Rafia Syed: “This forum has proved your love for animals. I was one of the first members of the forum. I am highly impressed by the hard work and continuous effort of the page admin.Well done! Keep it up!”
  • Sana Sohail: “I have seen very few pages with such a vigilant and active admin. The forum is performing a very wide range of services simultaneously. The posts are really brilliant. The posts against declawing and dressing of cats were eye-openers. Also I have recently adopted a black kitten through this forum, for which I am thankful to the forum. Keep up the good work, admin. May God bless you for your efforts.”
  • Vasi Jamal: Pages such as these not only provide means for creating, and spreading, awareness about the critical issue of Animal welfare, but also enable pet owners to educate themselves about bettering the future of these wonderful voiceless creatures of Allah.
The main idea or Mission is to:
 Facilitate adoption of homeless animals, to create general awareness about animals’ rights and to fight against cruelty to animals. 
Plz join this page – Help Supere’ & his Angel Mama find home for their furry friends:
Dear readers, plz know that your Supere‘ is still out there, or probably right outside your home … waiting for u to bring him a bowl of milk and then to take him inside your house. BUT ARE YOU READY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN SOMEONE’S LIFE??? It’s for u to decide!!! Live well, but a Purposeful life!!!! 

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  1. haya

    Proud of you Khumar … you are doing a great job, may GOd bless you.

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