I’m a Proud Vegetarian!!!


Since this new year eve, i haven’t had a single piece of meat and not even eggs!! 🙂 …..

Although, for some weird reason my mom has started cooking meat on daily basis. I mean, last year we use to have meat ones in a week and now …. its like everyday :S …..

Pakistan is a meat loving country ….. i think we don’t even have a restaurant that only serves food for vegetarians …….n even if we do … im sure their main course is something something served with a slice of steak!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!

AnyhooooooooOOoooooo ….. my mom is supporting me on this and so are my siblings …..

Its a great feeling …. i love vegetables, i love fruits, im a big fan of lentils and so i guess that’s y its not that difficult for me.

Wish me luck!! Coz i know i’ll be needing that alot!!


PS: I wonder if i can get that T-Shirt made from somewhere.



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2 responses to “I’m a Proud Vegetarian!!!

  1. Congrats on giving the veggie lifestyle a try. My girlfriend has been a vegetarian for 19 years and is now vegan. I stopped eating meat last November and I love it. It must be hard when there’re no veggie restaurants around but you’re lucky that your family is supporting you – good luck. I feature veggie and vegan dishes on my blog that she cooks – they’re really delicious.
    I’ve seen shirts like that here in the states – I’ll try to buy and send you one if I see anything like it again.

    • 🙂 …………. i was thinkin of adding that on my blog: if anyone has good veggie recipes… plz share…. and here u are!!! I think that’s a sign!!! 😀

      Yea!! I think i wont be able to find a tee like this one here …. u know … “Meat Lovin Country has nothing to do with ppl who eat grass for living” … (Yea … they call it grass to every vegetarian dishes!!!!!)

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