How can you help????

>You really really truly want to help …
>You have all the love an animal lover should have …
>You are a member of almost all animal rights group ….


>You are BROKE ..
>You cannot even afford to foster an animal …
> You don’t want to take a risk of adopting a pet with someone promising to pay for every cost that comes your way …. cos u are always too scared to answer the question: “Wat if he skips a mth or two??”


You are in luck …. cos im here to help u all up ….. 🙂 …

So sit back and read everything that i have to advice you … read it twice or ten times … just to understand that … even being in such above mentioned situations … you can do hell alot than u think u can ..

Here it goes …. ma golden words/advice/suggestions ….

  1. Find websites where all u need to do is .. CLICK and wat that does is … it makes the sponsors donate some amount to the web owners.
  2. Report:
    • Report injured animals in your area and make sure u are with the animal till you find some help.
    • Report/stop Animal abuse. (If you think u can’t do it alone .. find help).
    • Report lost pets.
  3. If you read a post abt missing/injured/abused animal …. SPREAD IT LIKE FIRE ON THE NET!!
  4. Volunteer for Animal Rite activities/campaign. (This only requires your time and nothing else).
  5. Be active on at least one animal rites social media site.
    • If its FaceBook, than do some research on simple and basic topics that an animal owner faces everyday and try putting them up on the site. (Cos even the most knowledgeable person can miss out on important stuff).
  6. Participate in signing petitions.

These are 6 simple steps ….

Difficult??? Can’t do it!!

Really??? Dammit … now u are just making excuses!!!

Do it … follow the 6 simple steps … FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!! 😀


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