Heroes?? Damn right they are ..

They walk the same streets, that you do.
They work the same hours, that you do.
They have responsibilities, just like you do.

What makes them different? What makes them a hero??

They are animal lovers, they don’t over look an injured animal … they voice up for animal rights … they feed these animals to their best … they provide them shelter even if it is till the time the animal heals from an injury …. they take these homeless pets to the vets … they spend the money that was probably kept for THEIR bad times … they would rather give up on their snack food to feed their furry friends …. above all … they care, they love and they carry:

An unmeasurable amount of awesomenimity!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Oh yea!! im freakishly in love with this word …. “Awesome”)

Are they different?? Yes!! u bet they are!! How do you identify them in public?? Well … you can’t …. they are like superman … and other super heroes who keep their identity to them selves ….

But … here’s the good part ….

I am like a daily reporter of them … i will search for them … will probably someday catch them in action …. will take pics and upload them here … Muahahahahahahah *evil Laugh* … and to my best … will tell u all abt who they are and why they do what they do and how they do it ….

Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!


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